'A Year In Development' Annual Exhibition Advocates Film Photography


At this day and age, it’s always a delight to know that analogue photography is still very much alive and well. In London, Labyrinth Photographic Printing celebrates this art by holding an annual exhibition of film photographs by various photographers.

‘The Memorable Order of Tin Hats Women’s Auxiliary (MOTHWA)’ by Nick Ballon. Photo and caption via The Independent

Now on its third year, _*A Year in Development*_ features more than 70 hand printed images shot on film within the last 12 months by clients of Labyrinth Photographic. Labyrinth Photographic was founded in 2011 and is a small analogue-based lab in London “dedicated to film development and passionate about the art of hand printing.” Meanwhile, A Year in Development “is a representation of the continued, various and expanding use of analogue photography,” a “true testament” to it as well as “the art and craftmanship of hand printing.”

From top: ‘Jacob McHugh’ by Laura Pannack, ‘Be Prepared’ from the series ‘Empire’ by Jon Tonks, and ’Pan Cassian Shankha’ by Alma Haser. Photos and captions via The Independent

In an interview with The Independent, the exhibit’s curator Clare Hewitt debunked the popular notion that the popularity of film is dwindling. “Photographers are still choosing to shoot on film and the lab has seen a real surge in users; if anything, it’s increasing,” she opined, adding that the creativity film solely offers as well as the shooting and developing process continue to appeal to those who practice it.

A Year in Development opened just last April 4 and is scheduled to run until May 2, 2014 at Four Corners in London.

All information in this page were sourced from Labyrinth Photographic Printing and The Independent.

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