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Introduced in the late 1970s, the Leica R3 was a 35mm SLR camera developed by Leica in partnership with Minolta. Find out more about this elegant model in Leica’s SLR camera line in this installment of Lomopedia!

Introduced in 1976 and produced until 1979, the Leica R3 was a 35mm SLR camera which succeeded the Leicaflex SL2. It was developed through the partnership between Leica and Minolta, alongside the Minolta XE bodies. The R3 and its successor, the Leica R4, borrowed the Minolta XD line’s electronics and some of the chassis technology.

Aside from the usual chrome and black bodies, the Leica R3 was offered in other colored editions and matching lens sets, such as the Safari model and the 24-carat plated Gold edition made in commemoration of Oskar Barnack’s (inventor of the Leica camera) 100th birthday.

Photos via Camerapedia and Live Auctioneers

Technical Specifications:

  • Focusing System: Single-lens reflex x magnification factor 92% coverage, split-image rangefinder
  • Lens Mount: Leica R bayonet mount compatible, 3-cam mount
  • Shutter: Vertical bladed metal focal-plane shutter
  • Shutter Speeds: 4 sec – 1/1000 sec + B & X (1/90 sec)
  • Features/Controls: Battery self-check, eyepiece shutter, multiple exposure, selective/integral, DOF preview, self-timer, meter on/off
  • Metering System: Aperture-priority auto or manual exposure
  • EV range: 1 – 18
  • Flash: Accessory hot shoe, sync cable connector on front, 1/90 sec X sync and focal plane (FP) sync
  • Film type: Type 135 film (35mm standard)
  • Film Speed: ASA 12 – 3200
  • Battery type: 2 x SR44 cells or 1 x CR1/3N
  • Dimensions and weight: 148 × 96.5 × 64.4mm; 780g; 1090g w/ Summicron 50mm f/2
Credits: dykstran, keepitsimple & oskar73

All information for this article were sourced from Camerapedia and Photoethnography.

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