Reel vs. Real: Gary Oldman as Ludwig van Beethoven

This week’s biopic offering for all you cinephiles is a 1994 film that tells about the life of influential composer Ludwig van Beethoven, and provides an intriguing theory on the identity of the mystery lady he simply called “immortal beloved.”

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After starring as the infamous Sex Pistols bassist and vocalist Sid Vicious in 1986, Gary Oldman once again portrayed an iconic musician several years later: Ludwig van Beethoven, the influential German composer and pianist who became a crucial figure in the transition from Classical to Romantic eras of Westerm classical music.

In Immortal Beloved, the 1994 film written and directed by Bernard Rose, we get a glimpse of the life of the famed composer through a series of back stories told after his death. While taking care of Beethoven’s last will and testament, his assistant, first biographer, and close friend Anton Schindler learns of an unnamed woman simply mentioned by the composer as “immortal beloved” in one of his letters. Schindler eventually decides to go on a quest around the Austrian Empire to find out who the mystery woman is. However, he learns that it is no easy task, as Beethoven had many women in his life.

Iconic German composer and Pianist Ludwig van Beethoven and his cinematic counterpart, Gary Oldman. Photos via Blogspot and

Gary Oldman shares his insights on the film below:

Watch the trailer for Immortal Beloved below:

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