In Full Bloom!


Spring is always an exciting time! I love the way the air smells in the early morning, especially that first real spring day after a cold and rough winter. There’s no denying it: spring is in the air! And that means flowers will start blooming!

Same blossom, 4 ways.

This year, spring was really special. First of all, it started very early. Winter never really broke through where I live, so plants and flowers that are supposed to come out in March started appearing as early as the beginning of February. That was right about the time my brand new Petzval arrived. That brings me to the second special thing this particular spring: over winter I had stocked up on so many different cameras and film, all waiting in line to be tested. So when spring began I knew what to do: load up my new gear and aim for the flowers! This is without a doubt the first year ever that I have made so many floral images!

From buds to flowers, in CN, XPro, Purple, B&W, and infrared

Because spring days are still very short and the sun sets early, it isn’t the best time to venture far from home. So most of my film were shot at parks close to home. When I had a look through all my albums from the last 3 months, it became obvious how often I had shot the same shrub, the same tree, the same flowers. It was fun to see how plants developed over time and what they looked like on different film. So I put this series together for you to enjoy!

Daisies in BW and CN
Magnolias in infrared and purple
Daffodils in CN, infrared, B&W, and Purple

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