Splash some color into your life with the Lomography Color Negative films and a Holga!


We’re a fan of amazing combos here in the community and we’re just totally digging the wonderful colors created by the pairing of the Holga and Lomography Color Negative films!

Credits: maximum_b, emkei, cc-in-paris, maria_vlachou, elvismartinezsmith, jonathansajoux, dakadev_pui, nerdlab & lieze

Medium-format photography can open up a whole new analogue experience for those who have only tried the compact convenience of 35mm film. Just check out these lo-fi shots courtesy of the lovely *Holga* and Lomography’s very own *Color Negative ISO 400* and *ISO 800 120* films! The soft-focus of the Holga mixes well with the outrageous colors of Color Negative 120 film. Every inch in the square shots are splashed with generous amounts of paint! Try out this killer combo for yourself and go analogue crazy when you shoot!

Head over to the Online Shop and grab the camera with a cult following, the Holga and load up on amazing colors, natural and artificial with the Color Negative ISO 400 and ISO 800 120 films from Lomography.

written by cheeo on 2014-04-11 #lifestyle #120 #holga #medium-format #lomography-color-negative

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