Surreal Mixed Media Portraits by Aliza Razell


Young artist Aliza Razell has found a way to merge two of her passions, photography and storytelling, into one brilliant body of work.

Aliza Razzel‘s mixed media work is apparently the result of a long quest “to find a way to include my love of storytelling in my photography.” To create her portraits, she deliberately splashes watercolor at specific spots on her photographs that, when put in order, depict a narrative. So far Aliza has come up with two series. The first is Anesidora, which drew inspiration from the myth of Pandora’s Jar (“yes, jar; a large, urn-like jar – but since the 1400s it’s been mistranslated into Latin and then English as a box,” she explains) and work by tattoo artist ONDRASH. Meanwhile, the second one revolves around the Finnish word “ikävä,” which means “the feeling of missing someone/-where/-thing.”

Check out samples of Aliza’s work below, the first set coming from Anesidora while the other, ikävä.

All information and photos in this article were sourced from Aliza Razell's Flickr page via Artchipel and Ignant. You may find the rest of the photos for Anesidora here and ikävä here.

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