Flower Photography Tips


Finally, the gray of winter is over and spring is coming and with it the colorful flowers. Read on to learn what to keep in mind now when taking pictures of the beautiful flowers.

With modern (D)SLRs,flower photography has become extremely simple: turn a wheel, push a button and you are in the right program. But even without such an automatic program, it’s simple if you keep a few things in mind:

  1. Perspective & Distance

People are used to seeing flowers from above and from a certain distance. To break through the viewing habits and to make thus interesting images, just shoot from an unusual perspective. For example, from bottom to top, at least if you aren’t shooting daisies, and get up close. You can do this extremely well with a macro lens, like the Konstruktor DIY-Macro-Lens. But beware: don’t fall below the the minimum distance of the lens!

Taken with the Konstruktor + Macro-Lense

1. The Background

The background is just as important as the choice of subject. The most beautiful backgrounds have a nice blur (keyword: Bokeh), with slight irregularities that can lead to so-called light-balls. But try to avoid disturbing elements such as branches or persons and similar in the background.

Taken with a Konica Minolta Dynax 40 + 28-100mm f/3.5 kit lens

2. The Choice of the Lens

The most beautiful closeups of flowers are characterized by their low depths of field. You can get this easily with fast lenses with an aperture such as f/2.8 or more (unlikely, that someone has an f/1.8 lens without knowing what it’s for.) For the close up, the aperture is wide open and focused on the flower. When using a wide-open aperture, you have to adjust the exposure time to avoid overexposure. I prefer prime lenses (not only for this purpose,) the longer the better, but even zoom lenses can be useful, zoom it all in!

Taken with the Konstruktor + Close-Up-Lense

3. An Abundance of Patience (optional, I don’t have it)

If an insect, a bee or a butterfly sits on the flower and you shoot at the right moment can contribute to a great flower photo. Of course, this requires some patience. Just wait and look out! ;)

4. Some more Tips by the Way

Of course, the usual rules of photography apply. So don’t shoot against the sun, and don’t get yourself in the light, etc… Even spontaneous snapshots of flowers that are obtained without these tips can be beautiful and inspiring. Try it yourself, I’m ready to see and hear about your reports!

Credits: dopa

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