Exploring Kolkata, India


Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta, was once the great capital of India back when the British ruled our country. This is my hometown, and not the place I study in. I enjoy photographing various urban scenes around it and this is a curated gallery of sorts introducing the old city for you wonderful people.

I’m Priyanka Mehta and I am a visual communicator. My journey with Lomography started three years ago and today, I present to you my city. In some photos you can see that I like to experiment with various filters. I have managed to fix and restore three very old cameras: a Kodak KB10, a Nikon EM SLR, and one of the last Canon EOS Rebel analogue cameras before the digital ones came out.

Kolkata is a city of abundant transport, copious amounts of food (and tea), people everywhere, old books — name it and this city might have it. Someone once rightly stated that exploring Calcutta is like looking through an old film roll. Taking that literally, I have walked around my city with my old cameras.

An old urban jungle with concrete, tall buildings and windows.
A bustling city with people always on the move, yet they can also be the laziest people when they want to.
Lines, colour and various miscellaneous urban scenes.
A city full of interesting things
and people.
The yellow ambassador taxis are an unclaimed heritage sight, accepting passengers as they please.
And, let’s not forget Durgo Pujo.

Durga Puja is a BIG festival in Bengali culture. It usually is celebrated roughly around September-October every year. The city comes to life during this festival, everyone dresses up in their finest, and go out on the streets going from one “pandal” to the other. It’s all about food, music, and light.

A beautiful city
It is home for me.
Credits: priyankamehta13
Credits: priyankamehta13

Cha khabi? (Want some tea?)

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