Pinhole Photography Basics in Five Minutes


Itching to go pinhole this month but quite familiar with the dos and don’ts? A fine art photographer who specializes in pinhole cameras comes to your rescue with a helpful five-minute clip telling you everything you need to know to get started on pinhole photography!

If you’ve never tried pinhole photography but are intrigued with the raw process and the dreamy images it creates, you’re in for a treat. As with anything involving film, you’re bound to learn (often the hard way) that pinhole stuff — from building your own camera to exposing the film — isn’t as easy as looks, so to increase your chances of getting decent photos we bring you some pinhole basics from fine art photographer Nancy Breslin!

In the five-minute clip you’ll find below, the Washington DC-based photographer who specializes in pinhole photography discusses succinctly everything you need to know about the craft. From building your own pinhole camera, to properties of pinhole photos, to exposure times, to various resources and additional readings, she’s got it all covered. Whether you’re a total newbie or a little bit far along with pinholes, we bet there’s something for you to learn in the quick clip!

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