Ethereal Pinhole Seascapes by Gregor Servais


If you’re thinking of shooting pinholes this month but haven’t decided where to do it, the dreamy pinhole photos taken by a Dutch photographer by the seaside will certainly convince you to take off to the nearest beach and give it a shot.

It’s all about pinholes this month for many pinhole fans since World Pinhole Photography Day is due in around two weeks’ time. For those who are planning to shoot pinholes throughout April, I’m sure you’ll find the beautiful works of Dutch travel and portrait photographer Gregor Servais inspiring and mesmerizing.

Those of us who typically don’t think of enlisting the humble pinhole camera for shooting landscapes and seascapes apparently have been missing out on so many dreamy images. Armed with a pinhole-coverted AGFA Clack camera or a Zero handmade 6×9 pinhole camera, a tripod, some rolls of either a Kodak Ektar 100 or Fuji Pro 400H, and tons of patience, Gregor hits the beach to take some of the most ethereal seaside photos we may ever get to see.

Photos by Gregor Servais

On shooting pinholes, Gregor shared in an interview for Top Photography Films

“At first I tought it was quite easy. I just point my pinhole at the landscape, in my case seascapes and that’s it But I quickly found out that even with exposure-times ranging from 2 seconds till 30 it still matters at which moment you open the shutter.

So far I made all my pinhole photos at the beach. It’s a great place to go to. Every time is different, and light and skies can change quickly. One time I saw a seal. That’s quite rare at my part of the beach. But most of the time there is hardly anybody. I am still waiting for that mermaid to pose patiently for me."

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  1. bsdunek
    bsdunek ·

    I really like these!

  2. dotted_dress
    dotted_dress ·

    Wow, these are really pretty!

  3. photoshan
    photoshan ·

    Would be great to have a link to how he made the homemade camera!

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