Ivan Peretz and his keen eye for photography

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Ideas turn into images as they pop into the mind of a photographer. Ivan Peretz’s talent in turning concepts into visions, and then into images, paved the way for a life behind the lens.

Just how do you create beautiful images without learning how to? *Ivan Peretz* answered that question by using his keen eye and imaginative vision when he was starting out with photography.

One look at Ivan Peretz’s images and you might think that they’re done by a fine art photographer who was schooled in the nuanced profession of photography. Rule of thirds, Cartier-Bresson’s “decisive moment,” embracing the grain, perfect exposure and the list goes on and on. Peretz’s images dabble in each photography lesson.

Images via Ivan Peretz

Peretz shoots mainly on film and his preferred cameras are the Nikon FM3 and the *Lomo LC-A*. The St. Petersburg-based photographer brings his audience to different places with every picture as well as makes them feel a different emotion every time they see a new frame. It’s a trait of photography that has made it such a powerful medium of expression. And Peretz did both without even having to photography school.

You can see more analogue photographs from Ivan Peretz in his site, Tumblr and Flickr photostream.

All information used in this article were sourced from Ivan Peretz’s site via Empty Kingdom.

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