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I bought this accessory to use with my LC-A refurb the day it came out, and at first unfortunately i had a few problems, e.g. flat head screws on my hinge, not Philips head screws and the advance wheel being stuck when the back was on…

I’m glad to say I overcame these problems with a little help from LSI and had a great time ever since! The images are nice and sharp and have colours only achievable through instant film, combine this with the black edges and you have a great combo. The distance setting on the LC-A is altered when the back is on, 0.8 becomes 0.5, 1.5 becomes 0.8 etc, allowing you to get closer to your subject which is always a good thing. I have used a few different accessory’s with the back with varying amounts of success as you will see in my gallery, i tried out the Diana close up lens, but they came out slightly blurry (testing will be done to find correct focus distance) and I also tried the fisheye lens of my SLR, but that came out very blurry at short distances and a bit blurry at longer distance, so I’m just going to count that one out!

I have also tried out the Diana flash and Ringflash – both of which worked fine! my favourite accessory I have used so far, though has to be the small green filter. It gives the photo’s a green cast! I want to say almost like every X-PRO slide film haha! But i just love the effect it gives. It’s also great for doing doubles just don’t forget to change the iso to 400 as not too over expose like I did on one of my shots.

Overall the back will take a little time and a few curse words to install but is very much worth it in the end, and will bring endless fun and experimentation!

written by dogtanian on 2010-05-09 #gear #review #lc-a #closeup #instant-film #green-filter #fisheye #instant-back


  1. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    Nice little review!

  2. lapzod
    lapzod ·

    Nice review!

    I bought one of these, and sadly when I tried to unscrew the back on my LC-A+, two of the screws were stripped...

  3. bunnymud
    bunnymud ·

    I had 3 stripped screws. What I did was to drill out the 3 heads and then I was able to put on the Instant Back hinge. Even with one screw holding it together it works fine. Thinking about cold soldering the hinge in place since I made the original back interchangeable.

  4. ladytreefrog
    ladytreefrog ·

    I just got one of these and all the screws are stripped, I have no idea how to drill them out, how did you do it? Just drill down and break the screws? Thanks!

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