On Using Color Filters to Tweak Hues in Black and White Photography


While it might sound unusual for some right off the bat, black and white film photographers do use color filters to experiment with their shots without ever needing to do some post-processing. How to do that and which filters to use to capture specific scenes? Take a look at this short instructional YouTube video clip by LZ Film Productions!

Video via LZFILM on YouTube

Black and white photography, unlike color, is quite a challenge because you have to put extra effort in finding the right gear, getting the correct camera settings, and composing your shots, among other things. Using color filters is usually associated with color photography, but have you ever tried of using them as well for black and white photography? If you haven’t, make sure to watch the video clip above and find out which colors to use to get certain effects – say, yellow to make skies look more natural, or orange or red to make them appear darker, or green to make leaves on trees look brighter and skies darker!

To give you an idea, here are a couple of screenshots we took from the video. The first, lighter one was taken with a yellow filter while the other one with orange! Pretty cool, huh?

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