Then and Now: Ads Libitum by David Redon


No, you’re not imagining things. These vintage posters and the artists they feature have been really around for quite some time now.

And we’re just pulling your leg to see if you’ll fall for the trick. But apparently, we did fall for our own trick and imagined these cool vintage-themed advertising photos really featured artists from more recent times.

Art director and illustrator *David Redon* almost fooled us with these creative posters that hark back to the days of early print advertising. Using vintage palettes, styles, and products; Redon created “Ads Libitum” as a way to play around with the whole idea of advertising.

Images via David Redon on Behance

_Ads Libitum_ does not only come as a play of words but also of ideas. Ad libitum is latin for “at one’s pleasure” or “at liberty.” The Paris-based artist indeed took liberty in crafting these wonderfully done posters. We’re really digging the vintage vibe and the uncanny similarities of the advertisements to the artists featured in them. We chuckled in delight for a moment with Daft Punk and Outkast’s vintage ad posters.

You can see more from David Redon on Behance.

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Ads Libitum, David Redon’s Behance via Design Boom.

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