Create your very own pancake lens!

2014-04-09 1

And yes, we’re really talking about those edible, glorious breakfast goodies that can make-you-get-out-of-bed-in-the-morning kind of pancakes.

We know that April Fools’ Day is over but just hear us out before you go closing your tabs and browsers. Photographer *Mark Toal* just made this video some week ago and it’s a totally intriguing and interesting find.

Toal, who’s a long-time photographer now based in Portland, Oregon just came up with a quick and quirky way to shoot with a pancake lens, and we’re not talking about a prime lens or short barrel lens. He really did try to make a lens made out of real pancakes.

The photographer’s quick video shows the ingredients you need to create a real pancake lens the same way he did:

  1. pancakes (in his case, he used frozen pancakes that can be easily bought over the counter)
  2. micro four-thirds camera
  3. a lens shade
  4. a barbecue skewer (yes, he used it to poke a hole in the middle of the pancake to act as a pinhole)
Video via Vimeo

Watch the video to see exactly how he does it and tell us what you think of it. And since World Pinhole Photography Day is just around the corner, the idea looks like it was worth a shot. Any takers for this DIY pancake lens challenge?

All information used in this article were sourced from Mark Toal’s Vimeo via The Phoblographer.

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