Slow down and soak up light with the Diana Multi Pinhole Operator!


Hit two birds with one stone! Get over boredom and create amazing pinhole snaps with the Diana Multi Pinhole Operator.

For those who are feeling a little sluggish, nothing beats a refreshing activity to get you all energized! Try shooting with the *Diana Multi Pinhole Operator* to make those slow days exciting with just the right amounts of analogue hints!

Try the single pinhole mode on the Diana Multi Pinhole Operator and create simple but equally enthralling photos on 120 film. These are the types of photos that you can make when you’re taking a breather from work or school.

Credits: sdzn, mephisto19, lawypop, bccbarbosa & dakadev_pui

Or, make use of the multiple pinhole setting and create outrageous photos that are dripping with color. Use the color gels that come with the Diana Multi Pinhole Operator and expose your frames to three amazing colors in one shot.

Credits: bccbarbosa, srmarcus, mandi & hakimbo05

Try out the *Diana Multi Pinhole Operator* and celebrate World Pinhole Photography Day on April 27th along with other lensless photography enthusiasts. Also, take advantage of our Pinhole Deals at the Online Shop and get a free Diana Multi Pinhole Operator for purchases exceeding 100 EUR/USD/GBP. Just use the code PINHOLED2014 at checkout to qualify for the deal. And for pinhole partners out there, buy 1 Diana Multi Pinhole Operator and get another one for free! Just add both cameras to your cart and you’re all set. Now, go lensless and get your pinhole on!

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