Around the World With Lomography's New Russar+ Lens


Now that we’ve started to show you what Lomography’s newest lens can do, it’s time for us to take you around the world through some New Russar+ travel snaps!

Looking for a new wide-eyed analogue companion to take with you on your epic journeys? Look no further than your camera display — one of them could just be fitted with the New Russar+, Lomography’s recreation of a legendary Russian lens from 1958!

Lomography once again partnered with Zenit to create a striking reinvention of the original Zenit Russar 20mm, which was the first 20mm lens for the Screw Mount. The New Russar+ has a modified lens tube construction that makes it compatible with all L39/M39 mount analogue cameras and digital mirrorless cameras, and many other cameras using adapter mounts. If you’re fond of going wide to document the streets, beaches, and urban landscapes of the cities and countrysides you visit, the New Russar+ wide angle lens is a worthy companion. With manual aperture and focus control, plus vibrant colors and tasteful vignettes rendered by the glass, your travel snaps will surely be eye-catching and full of character!

As you can see in the gallery above, our lucky lens testers took this new, wide-eyed wonder for a spin around Germany, Vienna, Japan, Thailand, and Taiwan. What about you — where will you take your camera and Russar+ combo next?

The New Russar+ is a stunning brass-bodied wide-angle lens. It is a pioneering update on the 1958 Russar. Thanks to its modified lens tube construction, the New Russar+ is compatible with L39 and M mount analogue cameras, digital mirrorless cameras and loads of other cameras using adaptor mounts. Visit the New Russar+ microsite for exciting information and stunning wide-angle photos.

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