Snippets and Vignettes: Dax Norman’s surreal GIF world


It looks like someone’s had too much surreal cereals for breakfast this morning.

Not that we’re saying that it’s a bad thing, we’re actually nodding in appreciation of artist and illustrator *Dax Norman’s* animated work. Not only do these animated GIFs pass the bill to be included in our _Snippets and Vignettes_ series, they also reimagine a time where *Salvador Dali* still lives and creates out-of-this-world scenes and images and posts them up on the Internet.

It’s easy to imagine Dali having a Tumblr account filled with outrageous snippets from his head but who needs to imagine that when Dax Norman is here to do that for us. The surreal work that Norman posts on his Tumblr page ranges from simple 2D pieces to 3D patterns that perpetually burst into life.

Dax Norman also incorporates various pop culture references in his looped images, featuring the great surrealist Salvador Dali himself, Buddy Holly, artist Frida Kahlo and many more. Norman’s work borders near the psychedelic edge and is trance-inducing, but we just can’t stop looking.

You can see more of Dax Norman’s surreal GIFs in his Tumblr.

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Dax Norman’s Tumblr via Beautiful Decay.

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