Introducing The New Russar+ Lens, Now Available For Pre-Order!

2014-04-10 23

Our new lens, the super wide angle Russar+ has landed and is ready for pre-order! Read on to find out more about this stunning modern reinvention of a legendary Russian lens …

Russar+ Lens

We are extremely proud to present our newest product and member of the Lomography Art Lens family, the New Russar+! Designed by Lomography and manufactured in Russia by Zenit, this stunning brass-bodied and chrome plated super wide-angle lens is a pioneering update on the 1958 Russar, which was the first ever 20mm in screw mount. The Russar+ uses the same groundbreaking optical scheme by renowned optics designer M. M. Rusinov, making it the perfect embodiment of all modern non SLR super wide-angle lenses.

Made from quality Russian glass, the Russar+ is perfect for street shooting, landscapes and architectural photos, as well as those up-close-and-personal portrait shots. Get ready for sharp wide angle shots filled with vibrant colors and tons of Russian character.

The New Russar+ is now available for pre-order in the Lomography online shop!

Updated features of the New Russar+

  • Multi-coated to reduce flare and surface reflection
  • Now brass bodied and chrome plated for durability
  • With modified lens tube construction, the Russar+ is now compatible with all L39/M mount analogue cameras and digital mirrorless cameras and tons of other cameras using adaptor mounts!
Photos taken with the New Russar+

The New Russar+ uses an L39 mount system and includes an M mount adaptor; this means it can be used with Leica, FED and Voigtländer Bessa cameras, for example. The lens is also compatible with many analogue camera or digital mirrorless rangefinder cameras using adaptor mounts which can be purchased separately; some examples of compatible cameras are: Sony A7, Sony NEX, Panasonic Lumix, Olympus PEN, Fuji X-Pro-1.

Russar+ on a Leica DRP, Sony a7, FED 4 & Olympus

The Russian glass used in the New Russar+ produces sharp images filled with warm, vibrant colors, vignettes and contrasts – and bags of character! Because of its rich history, excellent optical engineering and authentic Russian style, the Russar+ is a lens brimming with unique character. The Russar+’s special character is not only demonstrated in its appearance but also in the distinctive and gorgeous photos it produces. Its shots are vibrant and colorful, momentous, powerful and beautiful – each photo you take is packed with charming Russian character.

The Russar’s Rich History

The original 1958 Russar MR-2 was a truly groundbreaking super-wide-angle lens; it was the masterpiece of and named after Mikhail Mikhailovich Rusinov, once the Chief Optical Engineer at Zenit, who devised its fantastic optical scheme. This innovative and revolutionary optical system allowed for brighter wide-angle photos by utilizing aberrational vignetting in the corners for more illumination across the whole image. It was patented in 1946 and laid the foundations from which super-wide-angle lenses have since been designed!

Mikhail Rusinov playing the piano, music was his other great passion alongside optics.
The original Russar’s 1946 patent

Wide angle wanderings

With its ultra-wide 20mm focal length, the New Russar+ allows you to capture the beauty of the world from never-before-seen perspectives; it’s perfect for street shooting, landscapes and architectural photos, as well as those up-close-and-personal portrait shots. Take it to your favorite mountain escape, a bustling city street, an idyllic and isolated beach or with a gang of friends in a cramped car – wherever you journey to with the Russar+ by your side, it’s certain you’ll shoot photos that are sweeping, majestic and filled with a truly authentic and unique personality!

Photos taken with the New Russar+

Manual focusing

The Russian glass used in the Russar+ produces super-sharp images filled with vibrant colors, vignettes and contrasts. In addition, this special optical character of the Russar+ comes from its manual functionality. Shooting with the Russar+ lens attached to your camera is an intimate and creative experience which encourages you to enjoy every moment; from turning the focusing wheel and manually setting your aperture, to the instant you click down on the camera shutter, the entire process of photography becomes more magical and special.

Pre-orders for this wonderful new Art lens are on a first come first serve basis; we currently estimate that pre-ordered lenses will be delivered in July. So get in the queue today and don’t miss out on becoming the proud owner of a brand new Russar+!

Visit the Russar+ microsite here and pre-order your lens today!

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  1. aranmanoth
    aranmanoth ·

    WTF! €600 for this f**king lens! Lomography has gone totally insane! I prefered the old times of still expensive but at the end affordable plastic stuff!!! Lomography, just for really cool and snob hipsters!

  2. pan_dre
    pan_dre ·

    Hey aranmanoth! Like I said in my reply on the shoutbox, there will also be cameras and accessories at more easily attainable prices in the future. But we are really excited to have this amazing wide angle lens out now for all the rangefinder owners.

  3. hembot
    hembot ·

    @aranmanoth, We are aware that this product is priced higher than most of our other products but its pricing is inline or even lower than similar lenses on the market. On top of this, the Russar+ is handmade premium quality lens with new features such as multi coating, modified tube lens construction and great distortion control. It is also now made out of aluminum and chrome plated, making it longer lasting.
    We are aiming to appeal to wide range of creative photographers and would like our selection of products to reflect this - plus there will be more different and exciting new Lomography products coming out very soon! Hope this explains it better :)

  4. aranmanoth
    aranmanoth ·

    You can justify to me as much as you want but it doesn't change the fact of Lomography is nothing like it used to be and becoming just a luxury and status focussed brand. Just my opinion, nothing else to say.

  5. weeta
    weeta ·

    Hi. What´s the song in the video, please? thx

  6. recurving
    recurving ·

    @weeta: "Give Our Dreams Their Wings To Fly" by Tim McMorris.

  7. sirio174
    sirio174 ·

    Another great lens! I have a similar lens (the legendary Mir 20/3,5 for M42 Zenit / Praktica mount) and it is great!

  8. cornelius_rost
    cornelius_rost ·

    @aranmanoth My words! What costs the world? :-(

  9. malonr
    malonr ·

    What a price?! I just don't see it.
    Please pay more attention to delivering the Petzval lens, that I have already paid for and is two months late. Rather than trying to sell me other product that you don't even have to send me yet.

  10. hembot
    hembot ·

    @malonr Production for Russar+ pre-orders will only begin once we have finalised outstanding Petzval pre-orders. Sorry to hear about your Petzval lens - please send an email to and we will get back to you asap. Thanks!

  11. sirio174
    sirio174 ·

    allow the piggy use ;) it's so nice ;)

  12. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    I know there is a varied crowd here, but the last few products are not for me. Last new release item I bought was the Glass Diana Lens. That lens is awesome! I would be happy for more accessories to existing cameras or maybe creating new cameras...maybe waterproof models.

  13. holgardo
    holgardo ·

    Maybe it's just me, but I find this pretty boring.

  14. houwy
    houwy ·

    I've got one already (black version). It's a great lens!!

  15. stouf
    stouf ·

    Looks great. Although I'm with @neanderthalis I'd especially like a waterproof Horizon. Please? : )

  16. hembot
    hembot ·

    @neanderthalis @stouf Thanks for the suggestions :)

  17. mmxi
    mmxi ·

    I was shocked with a price, especially after finding out it's just 5,6 which pretty poor. Still it looks good on a Zorki.

  18. kleeblatt
    kleeblatt ·

    how about more glass lenses for the Diana F+ ? Please !!!!! :)

  19. kleeblatt
    kleeblatt ·

    a wide lens for the Kiev 6C would be great , too !

  20. gui_llaume
    gui_llaume ·

    I agree @kleeblatt @stouf & @neanderthalis : glass lens for existing cameras would be cool. Macro glass lens for the Diana F+ or the Belair?

  21. cherub38
    cherub38 ·

    Like I said on Facebook's Lomography page, without answer, I think Lomography is now going in the wrong direction ... I love the Petzval idea. I love the Russar idea. Having a nice metal and premium photographic equipments are always a pleasure to have in hands and to use. Quality is nice ... But ... How can I say ... Lomography for me starts to lost its soul. Sure even the plastic stuff is not so affordable when you think about it, but it is still quite reasonable even for peoples who don't have lot of money. You can plan, save and buy ... And then have fun. Lots of fun ! Since the Petzval, Lomography has for me entered the "PHOTOGRAPHY" world as other brands. If you need quality and perfection, you can already buy Leica or Zeiss; even if here the price is even higher, but the "spirit" of premium is almost the same. Sure you can still save and buy ... But saving for a long time now to own the new products ! Fun is also probably not the same. I agree with some previous comment. Glass lens are OK for me from Lomography, but for existing camera and at a reasonable price ... I own a Glass Lens for Diana and really appreciate it. Would have love a wide angle Glass for Diana ... ( On my own idea of lomography, price of the LC-A+ or BelAir is the maximum of the maximum I admit ...). Sorry to say to Lomography, but my next buy won't be for you, but for a Chinese shop and another brand new Holga ...

  22. malonr
    malonr ·

    Just an update for anyone considering this lens...
    If what @hembot states is true and these will only be delivered once the petzval orders are complete. You can expect to be waiting until August/September before these lenses are near ready to be shipped.
    I was sent a confirmation that my order was sent in late February. I am now being told that my order will not be sent till late April/May (and i was an early adopter, so completed orders could be much later).
    I would like to say this an isolated event but this seems to happen eveytime I order something from lomography.
    I would suggest you wait until it is on the shelf and even then take careful consideration.

  23. yerzmyey
    yerzmyey ·

    Hmmm. I would agree with @neanderthalis on this. I mean - ALL the stuff is good and will be used by people, however the Lomo/Lomography users should not be forgotten, I reckon.
    Actually, You guyz don't have to make anything really new - You might just add some... adapters. Hm... It might work indeed.

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