Sample these sharp and rich black and white photos taken with the New Russar+ lens!

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Everything that can be considered a “classic” will always be relevant because good taste never goes out of style. This is very much the point with the New Russar+ lens from Lomography!

Impeccable taste in photographic gear can only yield the highest quality results and you can see just that with these ultra sharp, wide-angled shots taken with the New *Russar+* Lens! This reinvention of the classic Russian lens from the 1950s offers amazing detail and a 20mm focal length that provides a sweeping view of your subject. Snap on this top-quality lens on your analogue or digital camera that uses the Leica Screw Mount (LSM) and Leica Thread Mount (LTM) or L39/M39 camera systems to create vibrant photos with amazing vignettes and detail.

This series of black and white photographs can give you a taste of what kind of photos you can produce with the *New Russar+ Lens* lens – street photography with an edge! This art lens will surely give your photos an extra kick of character and make your camera a handsome-looking piece of artistic expression. These analogue snaps came fresh from the streets that you can almost feel like you were the one behind the lens when they were taken!

The New Russar+ is a stunning brass-bodied wide-angle lens. It is a pioneering update on the 1958 Russar. Thanks to its modified lens tube construction, the New Russar+ is compatible with L39 and M mount analogue cameras, digital mirrorless cameras and loads of other cameras using adaptor mounts. Visit the New Russar+ microsite for exciting information and stunning wide-angle photos.

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    great b+w series! are these yours @cheeo?

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