Want to Learn Pinhole Tricks? Join a World Pinhole Day Workshop!


World Pinhole Day is happening soon, and we’re inviting you to join in on the celebration by attending our special workshops! See the complete list of participating cities from all over the world and tell your friends about it.

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Do you and your friends want to learn how to build a pinhole camera? Want to hear techniques on how to shoot a perfect pinhole? How about participating in a contest? Then you should definitely participate in our World Pinhole Day workshops!

Hong Kong

Extend the possibilities of your Diana F+ in this intermediate workshop and learn to create those great pinhole images you’ve all been dreaming of! Because it’s WORLD PINHOLE DAY on April 27th, we couldn’t do anything else but a Pinhole workshop right? Don’t hesitant to try out the Pinhole function in your Diana F+s anymore. Here’s a workshop that will get you out of the rabbit hole and straight into the pinhole!

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1pm – 3pm – Make-your-own matchbox pinhole camera workshop
No bits, bytes or fancy equipment. Construct your very own pinhole camera out ordinary items like a… drum roll – Matchbox! A pinhole camera takes making a photograph back to basics and will allow you to understand the essence of light and photography, without LCD screens, buttons and menus getting in the way.

3pm – 5pm – Photowalk
If you have always been fascinated by pinhole photos but never quite started, here’s your chance to do it with some like-minded photographers! And if you’re a guru at this, why not join us and share some tips with everyone! Recharge your creative batteries and embark on a photowalk along the Esplanade. After the day is over, you could also submit the images you made in our Pinhole Photography contest!

1 Apr – 5 May – Pinhole Photography Contest
Calling out for all pinhole photographs! Whether the photo is made using a simple pinhole lens cap or even with a homemade soda can camera, all are eligible! All you need to do to enter is to email shopsingapore@lomography.com your pinhole photo along with your name, contact no. and image title! The top 3 winners stand to walk away with some amazing analogue goodies!

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Saturday, April 27 – Make a pinhole camera with an instant back
Did you ever think this is possible? Join the workshop and we’ll show you how to make a pinhole camera using an instant back and then take some pictures to try out the new camera.

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Sunday, April 27 @ 1pm – Pinhole workshop
Every year, the last Sunday of April is not just a Sunday, no, it is World Pinhole Day. Pinhole, you know, with homemade cameras, small holes, long exposure times and technology from the year 0, in short: lots of fun! Workshop Guru Jan-Willem will explain in great detail how to make a pinhole camera, then all geared up with a Diana F+ or Diana Multi Pinhole Operator you’ll head out to make some nice artwork yourself!

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Saturday, April 26 @ 1pm: World Pinhole Day Workshop
Sunday, April 27 is World Pinhole Day, but we’re celebrating already today! As our last pinhole workshop already proved, pinhole photography is one beautiful way of taking pictures. On this special day we now prepared an extra for you: we’ll teach you how to make your own pinhole camera. Then we’ll head out to take some great pictures with your self-made pinhole cameras.

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Sunday, April 27 – Get Ready for World Pinhole Day
Join us for this workshop on pinhole photography and learn all about it! You’ll be a pinhole expert in no time!

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Saturday 26th April from 1pm @ EAST – Pinhole Madness with the Diana+
Nothing spells analogue quite like pinhole photography. We’ll teach you all about this analogue method of taking photos then take to the streets with the Diana F+ camera to capture the sights and sounds of the east end. It’s the perfect time to get to know the basics of the Diana camera as well as learn all about shooting through a pin hole!

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Saturday, 26th April @11 am – Make your own Pinhole camera
Besides learning the ins and outs of pinhole photography, we’ll teach you how to make your own pinhole camera so you’re prepared and all geared up to head out and take some pictures on World Pinhole Day.

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New York

Saturday, April 26th @1pm- Get Ready for Pinhole Day
April 28th is World Wide Pinhole Day! This is definitely one of our favorite holidays and we will be celebrating this year with a super informative workshop. We will teach you everything you’ll need to know to take a fantastic pinhole photograph during the upcoming holiday.

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