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San Francisco – a great city, an interesting and calm, which, surprisingly, adaptirueshsya amazingly fast. San Francisco is loved for its spectacular scenery, carefree elegance and subtle charm. This bright metropolis, located in a beautiful corner of nature, never ceases to amaze.

In San Francisco we went after three months of work by students on an exchange. Journey beckoning us – the city seemed fantastic and did not disappoint – it is very unlike an American city, very different. In America, I traveled with my friend Boris – he is lomographer too, I present to you our joint photo report.

San Francisco for me is: … City known for its cool summer fog, penetrating to the bones, steep hills, the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, Chinatown, cable car and a combination of Victorian houses and modern architecture.

San Frantssko (Spanish: San Francisco, abbr. Frisco) – city and county in California, USA, named after a Catholic saint (in Spanish San) Francis of Assisi. The population in 2008 was 808 thousand people, is the fourth most populous city in California and the twelfth in population density in the United States. San Francisco is located on the northern tip of the peninsula of San Francisco. Most of his stories, he was the most populated and important city of the Bay Area of San Francisco.

Several years ago in the city were open museum of beatniks. It is located in the vicinity of North Beach on Grant Avenue, where the famous writers Generation 1950’s and 1960’s lived and worked. This is a literary and a youth movement that emerged after the Second World War, proclaimed a voluntary poverty, homelessness, erotic freedom, anarchic hedonism, detachment from social problems, the obsession with Zen Buddhism. Among the famous authors of this direction – J. Kerouac, A. Ginsberg, William Burroughs.

Russian San Francisco:

In San Francisco and suburbs contain large (about 20 thousand people), the Russian-speaking community, many living in the area of Richmond. This area is famous for its Russian restaurants, shops. The city is situated Russian cultural center, founded in 1939. Montsalvat traces its history since pre-revolutionary Russia, and since 1973 working in the prestigious area of Pacific Heights.

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