You Are Temporary: Dreamy Polaroid Photos by Andrea Buzzichelli

Many photographers who still shoot film for their commercial and personal projects usually use instant photography for portraiture, but an Italian photographer made use of Polaroids to create a series that challenges viewers to seek their connection with nature.

While not unheard of, Polaroids have also been used by artists for landscape photography work, at at first glance, the snaps of Andrea Buzzichelli from Italy may seem to be ordinary nature and landscape shots. However, a closer look will take you to a seemingly magical world in dreamy hues and ethereal colors.

Aside from taking viewers to a surreal dreamland of his analogue making, Buzzichelli also hopes that the series, entitled “You Are Temporary” will also make viewers look for their own connection with nature and its beauty — as their eyes, hearts, and minds see it. “My aim may be ambitious, but in my images, I would like for the viewer to be able to perceive the incalculable distance between the grandiose spectacle of nature and the reverent beat of a human heart in contemplation,” he says.

Go ahead and check out Andrea Buzzichelli's portfolio to see more of his beautiful and thought-provoking photography work!

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