Photographer Letícia Godoy captures raw emotion with the new Petzval Lens


As one of our backers on Kickstarter, Brazilian photographer Letícia Godoy is one of the lucky first owners of the Lomography x Zenit Petzval Lens. She has been able to use the lens under different conditions, and has been gracious enough to share more of her shots with the Magazine.

Photo by Letícia Godoy

Last month, we featured several photographs that Letícia took during a David Bowie Tribute concert: at the Museum of Image and Sound (MIS) in São Paulo, Brazil. The photos were all taken indoors, with the utilization of stage lights. But as we all know, the new Petzval lens also performs exceptionally when used to take outdoor portraits, and this is something that Letícia discovered for herself.

Photos by Letícia Godoy

Letícia shares some information regarding the photos:

This selection of pictures was part of a David Bowie Special for Kids… It’s a full day marathon for playing, there’s dramatic theater, music (called “Disco Baby”)… well, it’s a very famous free event called “Kids Marathon”, happens on one Sunday every month.

She relays details and personal insight regarding the next set of images below.

Photos by Letícia Godoy

This event is called “Cultural Connection.” It’s where people come to dance, to eat good food from all countries and to have a good time in the museum area. There’s a live open jazz concert as well. There are some pictures I did in this series where the focus was not right.. and that didn’t matter to me.

Photo by Letícia Godoy

The kid looked so curious. Our eyes met but it only took a second. I was not prepared for it, but I think in this case it’s ok…this photo gives me a feeling of mystery.

Photo by Letícia Godoy

Another example of no focus at all… but it’s a photo with a feeling so powerful that focus doesn’t matter. And this kiss happened so fast that I feel so lucky to have captured it. Sometimes, the technique and precise focusing isn’t as important as the emotions we can capture.

Photo by Letícia Godoy

Maybe I’m the only one who loves this picture. It’s confusing, everything’s happening at the same time, and nobody is in focus., but this mess is what I love the most. It’s a lot of dialogues happening at the same time, so many lives coming together in the same frame. The sun is too bright, no focus and so on, but the Petzval lens gave the photo a dream-like state and I’m pleased with that.

As you can see, Letícia was able to witness the magical bokeh effect the new Petzval Lens can render. In most of the photos, her point of focus was the emotion of her subject, and the bokeh added further drama to the images.

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