The Lomography Magazine: in full bloom this April


You’ve probably had your fill of April Fool’s Day jokes today, so allow us to get into serious business involving the blossoming month ahead. Welcome to April, dear Lomographers!

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Spring is in full blast, and we look forward to your floral snapshots and tales of your spring break adventures. Aside from spring, there’s much more to celebrate here at Lomography, and we’re sure you’re excited to celebrate with us.

On April 12th, we will be celebrating Film Photography Day. This is an occasion that Lomographers from around the world look forward to, for it celebrates the core of their devotion: analogue photography. So if you are planning your own celebration in your area, do tell us about it and we shall help spread the news.

In the spirit of all things analogue, document your analogue lifestyle in photos and share your analogue diary. My Day in Analogue is one of our requested posts for the month and we just know that your analogue diary is worth reading.

World Pinhole Photography Day is slated for April 27. We’re calling on pinhole devotees out there to share your expertise by writing a how-to article on how to get it done. If pinhole isn’t your thing, then perhaps you could try film destroying, or conduct a LomoMatrix instead and share your techniques.

You’ve probably gone on a few adventures in far out places during the break, and have the photos to prove it. Whether it’s a go-to spring getaway, a fairy tale location, a vinyl haven, or a memorable childhood destination you’ve been to, we’d love to share your stories through our Locations section. Speaking of our Locations section, have you checked out our Explore and Tales from the Trip series? These two new regular features are surefire ways to pump up your wanderlust and ignite your travel fantasies.

For more information on our requested posts, follow this link.

Expect more artist features and interviews with inspiring figures inside and outside the community. We have Competitions for you every week, and aside from piggies, you may be entitled to big prizes that you can put in your camera bag. All you need to do to win, really, is to snap away and submit your photos.

This is just an overview of what April’s going to be like. As for the other surprises, I’ll leave it to the rest of the month to present what more it has to offer. If you have ideas or suggestions for the magazine, shoot us an email or send us a message through our LomoHome.

Lomo On!

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