Invite friends to your Film Photography Day celebrations with News posts!


Organizing a Film Photography Day event in your area? Invite your analogue-loving friends to participate and make a News announcement!

Lomography’s Film Photography Day for this year is all set for April 12th, and to celebrate, we’ve lined up a lot of fun and exciting events for you to check out, wherever you are in the world. However, if you’re planning to also hold your own events throughout the month for the film-loving cameraphiles in your area, we encourage you to spread the word and invite folks from the Lomography community as well!

Credits: jhunnie, nandaurbano, ngmail & isir

Just for this month, we’ll be accepting submissions in the News section for event announcements and invitations — whether it’s a LomoMatrix gathering, a photowalk around town, or a picnic and portrait session. Whatever it is that you and your friends are doing to celebrate Film Photography Day, we’d be thrilled to get your invitation!

Submit your News announcement for Film Photography Day events here!

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