Develop your own black and white film at home with Tylenol!

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How cool is it to master a developing technique that’s been around since 1891? Check out this tipster to find out!

Rodinal is one of the oldest black and white developing solutions in the photography books and it’s been around since way before any of us. What’s good about it is that we still get to use this agent when it comes to doing our own black and white processing at home.

Sample images of Tylenol developed film Images via DIY Photography

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own homemade brew of Rodinal:

  1. A scale
  2. 500mg Tylenol tablets
  3. Sodium Sulfite
  4. Sodium Hydroxide
  5. Distilled Water
  6. Amber Bottles
  7. A hammer to crush the Tylenol with

Frankenfilm goes into detail on how you can do this single-use formula to develop your own black and white films. What’s good about this quick tipster is that you’ll get to know film photography more with every session. Do a bit of mixing here, diluting there and before you know it, you’re already a self-proclaimed lab rat like many of our fellow Lomographers here in the community.

Click here to see the detailed tipster from Frankenfilm.

All information used in this article were sourced from Frankenfilm via DIY Photography.

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