Iconic ‘Hippie Van’ Takes Its Final Bow Through a Short Film

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As if it were a person, the Kombi takes a look back at its well-lived life and the people whose lives it has touched in this nostalgic clip.

Photo via DesignTAXI

For decades the Kombi has become more than just an automobile for many people, so when news broke that its production will permanently be halted for being unable to meet newly-introduced safety standards last year, many were saddened. It’s among the most recognized vehicles in the world, one that is associated mostly to the hippie culture and indie lifestyle.

Here in the Lomography community, the Kombi has been captured several ways through film photographs, a move that, in light of abovementioned event, has become a fitting tribute to it.

Credits: jmcedo, juanblythe, samz & 29dollars

The folks at Volkswagen Brasil have recently uploaded the short titled “Kombi Last Wishes” on its YouTube channel. Here, the Kombi speaks in a female’s voice and reminisces about her birth, the places she has been to and people she’s been with, and her feelings about the decision to stop productions. It also showed how the Kombi traveled to different places to give mementos to some of her biggest fans – “people who went through special moments” with it – across the world, and did one last important thing before she finally leaves.

Watch the full film below:

✘ Youtube: http://youtube.com/watch?v=tXynxODC4eY<figcaption>Video via Volkswagen Brasil on "YouTube":https://www.youtube.com/user/volkswagendobrasil</figcaption>

As a tribute to the people who were a part of its life, the VW Type 2 (Kombi) fulfills its last wishes.

All information in this article were sourced from DesignTAXI and Volkswagen Brasil on YouTube.

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    in goa, india....we have our own version of the 'hippie' van...here it is...:)...


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