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This Month’s Requests


Since we’re encouraging everyone to organize their own Film Photography Day celebrations for this year, we’re inviting everyone to send their announcements for LomoMatrix gatherings and other related events as News posts.

Tips are considered articles where Lomography or analogue photography are featured. Shoot us an e-mail at, and you will be credited for every approved/published tip!

Analogue Lifestyle

  • In Full Bloom: Now that spring is finally here (or on its way to some of you), it’s the perfect time to showcase your beautiful photos of flowers! With spring comes the captivating sight of flowers blossoming everywhere, so pack your cameras and films and head to floral fields in full bloom!
  • Picture This: Change: The transition from one season to another is one of nature’s most fascinating wonders. So, if you’re seeing and feeling this kind of change wherever you are in the world, give us a picture of what it’s like and tell us something about it.
  • My Day in Analogue: We’d like to take a peek into what a day in the life of our fellow lomographers is like, so for the whole month of April, we’re encouraging you to make an analogue photo diary. Using your analogue cameras and favorite films, document your daily routine, activities, hang-outs, haunts, friends, colleagues — anything that would show us a slice of your life — and write a little something about them.
  • LomoLit: Poetry and Children’s Stories: With April 2 being International Children’s Book Day and April 23 being William Shakespeare’s birthday, we’re encouraging you to unleash your inner poet and literary flair and try something new! For the whole month, we’d like to showcase your best poetry work and stories for children for LomoLit.

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  • Pinhole Playgrounds: In line with World Pinhole Photography Day in April 27th, what are your favorite areas or locations where you think you can capture a positively perfect pinhole photo? Do tell us about them!
  • Journey to My Childhood: We all hold a soft spot for all the places that remind us of our much younger, carefree days. If you haven’t taken a trip to look back at your childhood, consider doing so in this pleasant season, and show us around the places you used to hang-out and loved to visit as a child. If those places are no longer there, maybe you can consider other places that remind you of your childhood (like theme parks, toy stores, museums, etc.).
  • Lomography Day Trips: Last year, we’ve been sharing with you our itinerary recommendations for day trips around the world’s biggest cities. This year, it’s time for you to take charge and show us around your town or city! What are some of the must-visit spots that we should head straight into, if we only have a day to see the sights in your town? Tell us, show us, guide us!
  • Fairy Tale Locations: Lucky to be living in or have visited a quaint town or city that seems to have popped out from fairy tale books? Show us around towering castles and magical natural wonders of these fairy tale towns with your film snaps and stories!
  • Vinyl Havens: Do you like your music better in analogue? Chances are, you’re not the only vinyl record fan in the Community, so maybe you can share your favorite record store haunts in your area with the rest of us!

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  • Lomography Petzval Lens Photography Tips: Scored a Petzval Art Lens for yourself? If you’ve been playing around with it for a while and have discovered some neat tips and tricks that you can share with us, we’d like to know more about them!
  • Flower Photography Tips: Spring season calls for taking photos of beautiful flowers and greenery abound, so we’d like to learn about our fellow lomographers’ tried and tested flower photography tips to get gorgeous snaps the whole season!
  • LomoMatrix Tips: Film Photography Day falls on April 12, and among the fun activities that lomographers around the world are encouraged to take part in is the awesome LomoMatrix. Do you have some ideas in mind to make a LomoMatrix unique and extra cool? Maybe you can share them with us and give your fellow lomographers some nice ideas!
  • Film Destroying Tips: No, we’re not looking for ways to waste those precious rolls. Rather, we’d like for you to share your interesting concoctions, film soup recipes, and chemical cocktails for creating funky effects on your film photos!
  • Pinhole Photography Tips: It’s that time of the year again for pinhole enthusiasts! With World Pinhole Photography Day all set for April 27, why don’t you show and tell us how you make sure you get picture-perfect pinhole photos?

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  • Horizon Cameras
  • Belair Cameras
  • Diana Multi Pinhole Operator
  • Sprocket Rocket
  • LomoKino


  • Lomography LomoChrome Purple 120
  • Lomography X-Pro Slide 200 35mm
  • Lomography Orca B&W 110
  • Fuji Instax Mini Film
  • Lomography Analogue Prints


  • Fuji Instax Smartphone Printer
  • Lomography X Zenit Petzval Lens
  • DigitaLIZA
  • Diana+ Lenses and SLR Adaptors
  • Lomography Smartphone Scanner

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  1. iamtheju
    iamtheju ·

    The Locations section here says that pinhole photog day is 28th April, and the Tipster sections says it is 27th April. So which is it @plasticpopsicle ??

  2. plasticpopsicle
    plasticpopsicle ·

    @iamtheju Sorry about that, it's April 27th!

  3. iamtheju
    iamtheju ·

    Cool, I don't want to miss it. Need to get a pinhole camera first though. Lol

  4. sandravo
    sandravo ·

    @iamtheju Look for "Dippold pinhole camera" on google, it will lead you to the blueprints to build your own. Just print, glue on cardboard, cut, tape, load and shoot. Tried it out recently and works really well!

  5. iamtheju
    iamtheju ·

    @sandravo Cool thanks, I'll have a look 😃

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