Monday Moodboard: Fiddling with Intimacy


Intimacy can be quite a difficult word to define. This photo series by photographer Paul Schneggenburger captures it as couples share it unconsciously in their sleep.

Striking a balance in everything is difficult enough to do, what more so if done unconsciously? Photographer *Paul Schneggenburger* explores the different give-and-take phases of intimacy of couples in an eerie but beautiful way in his series entitled “The Sleep of the Beloved”.

Schneggenburger took long-exposure photographs of couples in an effort to capture the unconscious dynamics of couples when it comes to finding comfort in each other. It’s like a love-hate relationship as some of the couples intertwine in their sleep while others distance themselves in their own corners of their deep sleep. But even if separation occurs, intimacy gives way to show their connection.

Images by Paul Schneggenburger

But then, there are just moments in their sleep where they are lost in each other’s presence unknowingly. Or maybe this can be attributed to their comfort in each other’s presence. All of these things happened in just a period of 6 hours. The beautiful but sometimes haunting photographs are filled with writhing bodies, jutting limbs, and numerous faces in deep intimate moments.

You can see more of Paul Schneggenburger’s works in his website here.

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Paul Schneggenburger’s site via Beautiful Decay.

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