Photo of the Day by atropaworkshop


A horse casually reading his morning paper is sure a rare sight. So rare, we have to call this quirky portrait our Photo of the Day! Congratulations atropaworkshop!

Credits: atropaworkshop

It’s the year of the Wooden Horse this 2014 and community member atropaworkshop is indeed celebrating it with this funny portrait. Treat yourself to a chuckle with this hilarious snap and have a great day ahead. This photo was taken using a Zenit 122 loaded with Fuji Superia 200 film. You can see more from atropaworkshop in this album. This horse indeed knows his letters.

Congratulations to atropaworkshop for winning Photo of the Day!

written by cheeo on 2014-03-31 #news #potd #atropaworkshop

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