The First Lomokino Feature Film: 51 Fragments of a Wandering Mind

2014-04-04 5

51 Fragments of a Wandering Mind is the very first feature film to be made using a Lomokino! An experimental documentary film which depicts the journey of filmmaker and street photographer Dustin Rosemark as he backpacked across Europe.

Dustin Rosemark has spent 6 months backpacking to 13 different countries and 24 cities, with nearly 500 rolls of film later, he has created a first person narrative of a man trying to find meaning in a world which has become increasingly meaningless. A depiction of Rosemark’s journey both physically and mentally as he backpacks to various countries. 51 Fragments of a Wandering Mind is described as an ‘existential self-portrait and gritty travelogue’, a journey through 35mm film which brings Rosemark to question himself and the world around him as he shoots, travels and explores. The film shifts from direct representation of his travels to abstract imagery and back again as it becomes harder for Rosemark to come up with answers for his questions.

The whole process of creating a feature length film using the Lokomino has been such a fun and tedious process for Rosemark. After 10 months of compiling the film by hand, all 500 rolls of film was cut, scanned and processed to create 66,404 frames for an 80 minute film! Beautifully colorful and gritty, with that distinct analogue look.

Learn more about 51 Fragments of a Wandering Mind and follow the film on its Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. guanatos
    guanatos ·

    Oh my 66,404 frames!!!! This guy is my new hero

  2. dudeman
    dudeman ·

    Wow, this is so much work I, don't even know what to say.

  3. feelux
    feelux ·


  4. kodakkid
    kodakkid ·

    Very cool!? Any word when this film will be released and how?

  5. pmueller
    pmueller ·

    Wow! I almost died scanning my last 30 rolls of Lomokinofilm, but 500? Crazy und beautiful!

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