Then and Now: Gustav Klimt Masterpiece Gets Cosplay Treatment

We’ve seen and shared a lot of cool recreations of famous paintings and artworks, but we don’t usually see renditions like the cool cosplay of a Klimt masterpiece you’ll find after the jump!

Similar to Nick Stern's real-life renditions of Banksy's famed street art, photographers Mai & Bri decided to make their own version of The Kiss, one of the best known and lauded works of esteemed Austrian painter Gustav Klimt.

It’s not surprising that Mai and Bri chose to turn to their craft — photography — to achieve this task, but perhaps you and I did not expect that they would also do the costume play part. Yes, you’re reading it right — they made their own costumes and cosplayed the iconic symbolist painting! Take a look:

The Kiss is one of my favorite artworks, and I personally love the idea and how they made their costumes, so I think they actually nailed it. But, what about you — what do you think?

All information and photos for this article were sourced from Fashionably Geek and Mai & Bri Photography.

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