Brock Scott takes the new Petzval Lens to Panama


Brock Scott is an Atlanta-based artist and the lead singer of the band Little Tybee. As part of his efforts to produce a video for a TEDx event in the Panamanian Jungle, he visited Kalu Yala — a sustainable jungle settlement for entrepreneurs and tropical cowboys. A special opportunity like this certainly calls for a special lens, and Brock brought none other than the new Petzval Lens with him.

Name: Brock Scott
Location: Panama
Used Camera: Canon 5D Mark II

Stills taken from Brock’s Petzval video shoot in Panama

Hey Brock! Please introduce yourself to our Community.

My name is Brock Scott. I am an Atlanta based artist with a strong affinity for photography and video. I am also the lead singer of the band, Little Tybee.

You were able to test the Lomography X Zenit Petzval Art Lens in Panama. How was your experience shooting with it?

While shooting in Panama, I was constantly surrounded by exotic beauty. The effects of the Petzval Lens against the lush greens and vibrant colors of the Panamanian jungle created a lucid dreamscape in my images. The shallow DOF with its swirling bokeh is the real magic of this lens. I found myself primarily using it while mounted to a tripod and letting the movement come from the subject.

What do you like the most about the Petzval?

For this trip, I mainly shot video with the Petzval on my Canon DSLR rig (which it attached easily to). Needing to be versatile in the field, I am not prone to shooting video with prime lenses and I will admit that there was a slight learning curve for me. After a few hours of practice, I was able to get a handle on the manual focus nob and I just fell in love with the clarity and richness of the images this lens captured. The design of the lens was a strong bridging of the old and the new. Behind the camera, the Petzval allows your eye to shift away from its usual compositional tactics and into a refreshing new approach.

The video was filmed during the first TEDx Adventure: The Jungle. Produced off the grid in Kalu Yala by Fundación Gunn Hill Panama.

Where in Panama did you take the lens? Tell us more about the place and your shooting.

I was mainly shooting in a small jungle sustainability settlement, outside of San Miguel, in Central Panama. The settlement is called Kalu Yala and identifies itself as a place for “Entrepreneurs and Tropical Cowboys”. I was brought on to produce a video of a TEDx event that was being held there in December.

Any handy tips for those just getting their hands on the lens for the first time?

Be gentle. This lens is a work of art and is meant to be handled as such (especially if you have the brass model). You really aren’t going to see the real effects of this lens in small spaces. Take it outside on a sunny day and experiment with its capabilities. Play!

Stills taken from Brock’s Petzval video shoot in Panama

What would be the perfect occasion for you to use the lens again?

I am a sucker for art lenses and this one is a must for any photographer looking for a unique approach. It might not be suitable for some occasions but I would definitely recommend having this lens live in your bag for any shoot.

Thanks for the interview Brock!

Check out Brock’s band Little Tybee on their website and become a fan on Facebook. Thanks again to the band for giving us their songs “For Distant Viewing” and “Nero” for our Petzval videos last year. Watch the videos here and here.

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