Marvel at the multi-lens wonder that is the Action Sampler!


Sample these tasty 4-in-1 snaps straight from one of Lomography’s multi-lens darlings, the Action Sampler!

Credits: hstevens1

This camera is perfect when you’re feeling that just one frame isn’t enough to capture the subject of your analogue fancy. Take the *Action Sampler* with you and soon you’ll be seeing the world in 4 frames! Burst into action and take marvelous action snaps or experiment with pop art style photos and use filters or do doubles, it’s all up to you! These amazing 4-in-1 photos from our community members can show you the many analogue roads to take with the Action Sampler.

Credits: nural, jaminsemirang, dopa, nation_of_pomation, morning-rain, shooooter, seethingsclear & missthayes

Good news is that the *Action Sampler* can find its way to your camera shelf with a click of a button. Just head over to the *Plastic Fantastic cameras* section at the Online Shop to grab an Action Sampler of your own and you’re all set. Explore your options and buckle up for great analogue times ahead!

written by cheeo on 2014-03-27 #lifestyle #action-sampler #4-frames #multi-lens

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