See How Daniel Zvereff Transformed his Introspective into Infrared Paradise

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Majestic and beautiful – these are two words that can be used to describe Daniel Zvereff’s infrared landscapes. His trip to the Arctic sparked a magnificent journey of self-discovery while bringing home amazing souvenirs from his travels.

We’ve seen Richard Mosse’s own slice of infrared paradise here, and now, let’s set our eyes on another infrared photography project involving the coveted Kodak Aerochrome film. *Daniel Zvereff* originally planned to document the rapidly changing terrain of the Arctic, but his documentary trip turned itself into something entirely else.

Zvereff’s travels turned out to be amazing opportunities to explore the photographic use of infrared film. These beautiful landscapes are given the signature infrared look like color shifts and reversals.

The designer-illustrator kept notes during his travels and found himself going to other places like Iceland, Greenland, the Yukon, Spain, Russia, Svalbard, England and Alaska. With expired Kodak Aerochrome 120 film rolls and his gear in tow, Zvereff made the most out of his travels and shot these amazing landscapes.

Images via Daniel Zvereff

Choosing the famed Aerochrome film was not a coincidence. He wanted to see the arctic and its changing landscapes due to melting ice firsthand through the use of extinct film. Zvereff focused on the contrast between great expanses of land and frost and managed to do so with a pop red, orange, and purple colors.

You can hop on over to Daniel Zvereff’s site to see more of his work and see more of his infrared photographs and notes from his trips.

All information used in this article were sourced from National Geographic Proof via Beautiful Decay.

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    herbert-4 ·

    LSI, when are you going to make Aerochrome III?? I think I speak for the whole world, when I say, we so need this, in 35mm and 120 rolls!! The only change you should make to the formula is to slow it down to ISO 100 with yellow filter to give it better shelf life at room temperature. Also bring back real IR B&W, like Kodak High Speed Infrared, that does not cut off until >950nm. Efke and Rollei IR's are weak and cut off at ~820 or so. So, PLEASE!! PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!!!

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