John Free Dishes Out Street Photography Tips


Who better for us to turn to for insightful street photography than professional social documentary and street photographer John Free?

It’s safe to say that most, if not all, of us have attempted street photography at one point (or if you haven’t yet, we’re sure you’re planning to sometime in the near future). While some of us have already gotten the hang of it, the rest of us still fumble with getting the right settings and so as to take good shots in a snap. Street photography can be quite tricky, so we really need all the relevant advice that we can get our hands on!

Fortunately, we’ve stumbled upon this short yet helpful video by Los Angeles-based photographer *John Free*. For 30 years he has been working professionally as a social documentary photographer, and focuses on street photography for his personal work, so you know that the man is already an expert on his craft! Keep these tips in mind, particularly the 5 Fs (finding, figuring, framing, focusing, and firing), the next time you head out to the streets with your trusty camera!

Video by John Free on YouTube

written by chooolss on 2014-03-26 #videos #lifestyle #tips #street-photography #john-free

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