Newcomer of the Week: alyssa_apollo


Alyssa is lucky to have a loving husband who gives full support in her analogue photography ventures. In fact, she got her first Lomography camera, an LC-A, as a gift from her partner. Read on to find out more about alyssa_apollo – our Newcomer of the Week!

Alyssa Esikova aka alyssa_apollo

Name: Alyssa Esikova
LomoHome: alyssa_apollo
Location: Krasnodar, Russian Federation

Tell us something about yourself.

I am a psychologist, a poet, a wife and a mother. I like reading, thinking, watching movies, observing my surroundings, meeting new people, and learning new things.

How did you find the Community and who/what convinced you to join?

My husband, a journalist and a photographer, advised me to learn more about the Community after he saw my first attempts with Lomography. My first visit to the website was like a jump in the ocean – a whole new universe of people shooting with analogue cameras!

As you have read the 10 Golden Rules of Lomography, what rule do you apply in your everyday life?

Rule No. 1: Take your camera everywhere you go. You never know what awaits you around the bend.

Credits: alyssa_apollo

In this digital age, why still film?

Film is more than just unique shots. It is a process. I enjoy each step: catching the moment by pushing the button, rewinding, going to lab, waiting for film development like a present on Christmas. The unpredictable and amazing results make me feel like God is shooting with me.

Your favorite analogue camera as of the moment? Why?

My Lomo LC-A, because it’s my first film camera which I got as a present from my husband.

What is the Lomographic camera you’d want to have someday?

I think about the Lomo LC-Wide so I could take advantage of more space and emotions.

Credits: alyssa_apollo

Any song or movie you live by?

I really like the movie Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain.

Share your current favorite Lomograph. Why is this your favorite?

I like this double exposure made by alexyoshiko.

Credits: alexyoshiko

This monument is for heroes from a popular Soviet movie about friends, youth, and the naivety of a student’s life. It looks a bit sad with McDonalds on it. I like the idea and atmosphere.

Any Community member you look up to? If so, why him or her?

life_on_mars is the “Lomo King” of my city. :-)

He uses a lot of different cameras, develops films by himself in unusual ways, and has an interesting view of life. I like that he is trying to help and has master classes for everyone who is interested in analogue.

What are you looking forward to in our Community?

I’m looking forward to meeting more creative people all over the world, and to learning more about the Lomography process. Also, I’m interested in sharing my view of life and saving it in the Community.

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