Then and Now: Defunct Film Brands Given New Life as Mid 20th Century-style Posters

2014-03-27 1

Film is still alive as we all know here in the community. We spotted one illustrator who pays tribute to film manufacturers who have closed their production lines in his series of screen printed posters. The film brands look like they’re given a new lease on life – even if just as wall decoration.

Image by Jerome Daksiewicz via Design Taxi

*Jerome Daksiewicz*, a Chicago-based designer just breathed new life into old and defunct film manufacturers in his series of creative new posters. Boasting design reminiscent of mid-20th century aesthetics, Daksiewicz made his film brand posters a bunch of good-looking wall hangers that also serve as an ode to photography. Only one brand among these posters are still in production, that being Ilford Film.

Images by Jerome Daksiewicz via Design Taxi

The posters still keep the look of their past glorious selves but are injected with Daksiewicz’s own style and influence. His choice of colors indeed hark back to the earlier days of print and design, hence the vintage look even if they were just newly printed.

Image by Jerome Daksiewicz via Design Taxi

These posters will surely find a place in any film photographer or enthusiast’s heart and/or wall. Design aficionados may also find these unique posters quite fetching. It’s amazing how these posters are study cases in design and film photography history. Daksiewicz really captured the essence of the rolls and packaging of these films with every unique print.

If you liked Daksiewicz’s works, you can see more them here.

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Design Taxi and PetaPixel.

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  1. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    Back in the Early 80's, Price Club had films I liked, called "Kirkland Farms" brand. It gave excellent results and might have been rebranded Agfa or 3M.

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