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Never been to scenic Valencia in Spain? Don’t worry, we’re letting our fellow lomographers take you around town — and hopefully get you bitten by the travel bug — with their beautiful snaps in this installment of Explore!

The third largest Spanish city (after Madrid and Barcelona) and the third largest metropolitan area in the country, the global city of Valencia is home to one of the busiest ports in Europe, as well as many places of interest that will delight tourists of discerning tastes. Valencia is also one of Spain’s oldest cities, and was actually founded by the Romans, who called it “Valentia Edetanorum.”

The mid-1990s saw Valencia’s transformation from a mainly industrial city to a cultural and touristic metropolis. Aside from its beautiful beaches (with Malvarrosa Beach being the largest), visitors can also roam around the local landmarks and even sections of the old city that were restored and renovated, or head to museums and convention centers to check out some events and exhibits. Allow us to take you on a visual tour around Valencia through the stunning lomographs snapped by our intrepid fellow lomographers:

Credits: zorki, neja, xabimetal_13, triky76, susielomovitz & jandra

Aside from these scenic sights, Valencia is also home to the annual fiery festival of Las Fallas, considered as one of the craziest and most odd celebrations in Spain, whose origins can be traced from pagan rituals for celebrating the coming of spring.

Credits: nuhdos, alvaro_diso, triky76 & malugialla

Now, did all of those lomographs make you want to head off to Valencia? Before you do, you might want to find out more about the city through these guides written by our fellow lomographers:

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