Midweek Music Video: Treasure by Bruno Mars


We’re living in a digital world but this talented artist likes to keep it old-school when it comes to his recent music videos. Go all out funky and dig the retro groove of “Treasure” by Bruno Mars.

Talent, quirkiness and love for things retro are some of the things that can be paired up with the name *Bruno Mars*. The award-winning singer, songwriter, and musician has a world-wide following and it’s not difficult to understand why, Bruno Mars just owns the stage.

Images via Idolator, Everything Girls Love

Mars and the other members of his band offer an entertaining twist to their music video. Aside from their usual antics while performing, they were keen on donning retro attires like the leopard print shirts and fashion accessories like gold chains. Bruno Mars even rocked the 70s staple – the micro perm in exchange for his signature pompadour.

Vintage lovers will surely get a kick out of the music video for “Treasure”. And as icing on an already disco-inspired video, Mars went all out with the visual effects that will have you seeing lasers, stars and maybe intergalactic travel (with matching dance moves and again, 70s-inspired choreography.) And we almost forgot to point out those disco balls. If those aren’t retro then we don’t know what is.

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