Your Reasons to Love Film


We asked you to share with us your reasons for loving film, and boy, your answers were all inspiring!

Curious about our fellow lomographers’ reasons for shooting with film at a predominantly digital-driven time and age, we asked weeks ago — why do you love film photography? Those who obliged us with their answers certainly wowed and inspired everyone in the lomography community and the rest of the analogue-loving world. These are a handful of our favorites:

Credits: natalieerachel, earlybird & buckshot

“Shooting with different cameras and film brings excitement to the moment. It teaches me to appreciate the light, the composition, the camera or film itself. Because you can capture the same moment so differently with the tools you’ve chosen for the day.”
- photobarbie

“Honestly, I never know, It may be the beautiful imperfection that comes with it, the slightly flaw and “not too clean” images and the many many mistakes you can make but most of the time, turns out to be quite alright. It also reflects the way we live our life isn’t it? Imperfect, slightly flaw but beautiful. :)"
- shind

Credits: disdis, anafaro, jennson & feelux

It’s the creative process that I enjoy. Perhaps because of the limited number of frames per film roll, I’m always crazier and more careful when shooting film. The fact that the films and the processing cost money, unlike a click of an iPhone, made me try to do things that digital can’t.
- ihave2pillows

“I love shooting film because of the process – it’s difficult to control, more demanding up front, you can’t just always just point and shoot, you have to think. But, at the same time, it’s natural and organic and the results are always a surprise. When it’s all said and done, you are left with a unique creation on a physical medium that you can hold in your hand. There’s nothing wrong with digital, but I’m in love with the process of planning to create, working to accomplish, and enjoying the unique results of each exposure. There’s an adventure in every click of the shutter when you shoot with film.”
- willyb311

“There’s no substitute for film.”
- erdalito

We loved how everyone said they loved the challenge and extended yet creative process that film brings them; how it forces one to slow down and take time mastering a camera or film; that each film and/or camera has its own quirks and “personality” that make the photos it takes unique and full of character. We definitely agree that with film, there’s an adventure in every click, which makes it irreplaceable.

To everyone who took the time to share their thoughts, insights, and reasons for loving film, thank you so much, and we hope you keep inspiring everyone else in the analogue-loving world!

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