The Au Revoir Simone Concert in Jakarta, Indonesia


Au Revoir Simone is the most humble and friendliest band in the world.

March 23, 2014 was the happiest Sunday of my life because it was when I met my favorite band for the first time.

Credits: hervinsyah

It started in 2006 when I found a unique band name at a free mp3 sharing website. The band name is Au Revoir Simone. Their music reminded me of my childhood, particularly that time when my mom bought me a Mini Casio. Au Revoir Simone was also featured here before as LomoAmigos. Years went by but I never got a chance to see their concert, until adi_totp told me that my favorite band will be holding a concert in Jakarta, Indonesia. I didn’t want to miss this golden moment.

The concert took place at a high venue, at the 56th floor of the Menara BCA at a place called Skye. Before the gig began there was a fashion show featuring Roberto Cavalli’s collection.

Finally the night that I’ve been waiting for since 2006 started. One by one Annie Hart, Erika Spring Forster, and Heather D’Angelo came up on stage. I lost control, but I was able to record the moment with my handycam while annoyingly screaming behind Annie. I’m sorry for doing that, Annie.

The crowd started to go crazy. Most of us who were sitting before they came up on the stage slowly went closer and sang along with our idol.

My position was close to Erika Spring so I took a lot of photos of her, even though a lot of the results are underexposed, overexposed, and blurred.

Heather D’Angelo is quite hard to shoot because she stood far from me. But overall this has been the best concert that I attend in 2014… No, in my life.

But after the good moments, suddenly bad luck came to me. First, the security stopped me from recording my favorite band with my handycam. He considered the handycam a professional camera. He told me to record the concert using my cell phone but my old school cell phone produces bad quality video. It’s the super saddest moment of my first Au Revoir Simone gig. But I understand that the security personnel was only doing his job as ordered by his superior.

Second, I bought this vinyl which costs Rp 200.000 ($18). But I was in a hurry as I was chasing Annie Hart so I could take a picture, so I didn’t check the condition of the vinyl which still covered with the plastic. When I opened it in the car, I was very shocked. There were a lot of kind like of paint stains or something on the vinyl which made it look dirty.

Lastly, my photo with Annie Hart after the gig was burned because the photo lab made a mistake. I should watch their gig again; wish me luck.

Credits: hervinsyah

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