Lomography Day Trips: Indulge in More Than Just Fashion in Antwerp


Antwerp. To hear this name is enough for fashionistas from around the world to make them weak with excitement. Home to a gazillion bloggers, fancy and less fancy boutiques, and of course, the only Belgian Lomography Headquarters, Antwerp’s definitely worth the visit. But behold: you will find much more than you expect in this vibrant city!

It was only when some foreign friends of mine came to visit me in Belgium and were dying to go sightseeing in Antwerp, that I really started to get to know this marvelous city at just an hour away from my hometown. Such a shame that I didn’t find my way to its beautiful alleys and little squares before, because I fell in love with the city from the moment I left the famous big shopping street!

It’s a cliché, but many Belgians only know of Antwerp’s shopping pride De Meir and the Zoo, neglecting other obligatory stops like the splendid City Hall on the picturesque historic main square and all the hidden secrets that actually just lay around the corner. Go and visit the Cathedral of Our Lady, the biggest Gothic church of the Low Countries. Climb all the 515 steps up its Church Tower, which is the highest in the Low Countries as well. The great view that you’ll see once you reach the top will reward your efforts!

The city breathes creativity, with alternative shops, cafes, bars, small decorative elements in places where you don’t expect it and awesome street art. Little tip: don’t forget to pass by Lojola, an amazing cafe at the super cosy Consienceplein. Home made teas, cupcakes, juices in a tiny tiny space. It’s like flirting with perfection!

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