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For this week’s Camera Collections, we present to you smg, our community member from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. smg, or Shaun in real life, is a coffee lover, avid lomographer and camera collector. His arsenal comprises of not only Lomo cameras, SLRs and compacts, but is composed of disposables and home-made pinhole cameras as well. Read on to find which his favorites are from a variety of almost 200 cameras.

Name: Shaun Goddard
Location: Pittsburgh, PA USA
LomoHome: _smg__

favorite photos taken with the Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim

How long have you been collecting film gear and how did it start?

Since I was young, I’ve always had a few cameras laying around. I’ve just really started collecting and experimenting over the last three years.

Can you possibly itemize every camera, film roll, and accessory you own?

Film and accessories, not so much… I usually load film or manipulate items as I find them. Current cameras are as follows:
Aimex SP-500
Akira TC-200
Ansco 600 Flash, Anscoflex II, Auto-Fast, Ready Flash, Vision One-ten, Vision Twin
Aremac 35mm, Aremac Panorama
Argus 545, Argoflex Seventy-five, M450
BeLomo Agat 18k
Bell+Howell (28mm), 250, 706AF, Auto 35/Reflex, Autoload, BF 905
Bratz Electric Funk Glimmering Glam Cam
Capital KX100, MX II
Canon AE-1 Program, AF35ML, Canonet 28, EOS Rebel XS, Snappy Q, Snappy QT, Snappy S, Sure Shot, Sure Shot Owl
Disderi Twin Star, Robot 3, 4-Lens
DS-MAX PN338, PN-955
Easy Shot ES10
Excel 2000AF
Fisher-Price Perfect Shot 110, Perfect Shot 35mm
Focal BF 620
Fuji Auto 10, DL-7 Plus, Instax 210, Smart Shot Plus
Hanimex IC500
Holga 120N, 120PC, 135, 135PC, Micro-110
Imperial Debonair, Magimatic X50, Six-Twenty Snapshot Camera
Kalimar Barbie, Spirit F
Keystone 595AFSP, Everflash 10, K-177, Le Clic LC17
Kodak Advantix F300, Advantix Preview, Bantam f.8, Cameo Focus Free, Cameo Motor 110, Ektralite 10, Hawkeye Brownie, Hawkeye Pocket Instamatic, Holiday Brownie, K300, KB10, KB18, S 300MD, S 500 AF, S 900 TELE, Six-20 Brownie Junior, Star 110, Star 335, Star 35 EF, Star 935, Stylite Pocket Camera, Tourist Camera
Konica BM-610Z
Lavec LT-002
Lomo Smena Symbol
Lomography Diana Mini, Fisheye One, Fisheye No. 2, La Sardinia, Konstructor, Sprocket Rocket, Lomo LC-A+
Meikai AR-4395
Mikona MV-828
Minolta Pocket Autopak 450E, F10BF, Freedom Tele
My First Camera
Nikon Fun Touch 5, LiteTouch Zoom 150ED, Touch 4, Smile Taker
Nishika N8000
Olympus Go, Superzoom 70S, Trip 100, Wide-E
Pentax IQ Zoom 160, PC-33
Polaroid 200 BF, 2400FF, Impulse QPS, One600, Pronto!, PZ2001
Premiere 110F
Quicksnap X3000
S-Gen S-7
Snap Sights SS01
Suntone 35mm, MM251, MM253, MM500
Superheadz Golden Half, Ultra Wide and Slim
Suprema iMP, Sunshine
Target e-gear 35mm
Tiger Electronics Star Wars Episode I – Picture Plus Image Camera
Vista KX-500, View XL
Vivitar 240Z, CR450 (Crayola Sports 35mm), Eco Sun, EZ35, IC 101, IC 400, IC 1200, L.A.Brites, LC 600, LW 65, PN2011, Point ’N Shoot, PS 35, PS 44, T100, T200, Tele 815, Ultra Wide and Slim, Vision 110
Yashica Acclaim AF

Favorite Photos taken with the Vivitar IC 400

Have you used every camera in your collection or you just adore them from the camera shelf?

I haven’t. I’m slowly making my way through what I have, revisiting those I really enjoy. I’ll buy a camera if it functions- I see them more as tools than knick-knacks.

What is your favorite camera? Film? Accessory? Please also explain why.

I’m not sure I have a favorite of any. For as fragile as it is, the Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim is a bit of a workhorse. Compact. I love the wide angle and vignetted edges.

Do you think you’ll ever stop collecting? Why or why not?

Not as of the moment, but I may. I’m starting to run out of storage space.

Is there a camera you still don’t own and want to be part of your collection soon? What is this and why?

Probably the Lomo LC-Wide. The image clarity seems spot on. I have a lot of ideas and would like to engage in some more film swaps soon.

Fast Camera Collection Facts

Number of cameras? 171 + several disposables/ homemade pinholes

Number of accessories? Hard to put an exact number on it. Mostly just Holga filters. Homemade splitzers, window cling gels/ found transparent materials. 2 hotshoe flashes.:1 Holga, 1 no name.

Number of films? have a stock of about 50 at the moment. Buying a lot of expired color negative lately. Agfa Vista, Seattle Film Works, drug store brands.

Favorite photos taken with the Royal Disposable Camera

Number of months/years collecting? Roughly 3 years

Biggest buy/most expensive items? I buy most of my items from flea markets and thrift stores. Lomo LC-A+ is the probably the most expensive.

Sweetest steal/cheapest scored items? Mint condition Kodak Holiday Brownie for $2.00

Most prized possessions/favorite camera, film, and accessory from the collection?

I tend favor the Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim, Vivitar IC 400, Lomo Smena Symbol, and a Crown Royal Disposable camera.

Favorite photos taken with the Smena Symbol

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