Fresh Portraits Taken with the Fisheye One

2014-03-24 1

Have a look at this selection of Fisheye portraits culled from the latest uploads in the community!

Credits: ssam1734, sjhlfkhsk, fartstorm, legacy, sara_tijeras, daydreams, 14mbii, finik, ohzark & yosoytusombra

Of course you can take portraits with any analogue camera out there, but the *Fisheye One* ’s signature circular distortion gives you the possibility of shooting quirkier, unique-looking ones! It comes equipped with a 170-degree wide-angle lens for those sweeping views, and a built-in flash for use under low-light conditions. It’s convenient to use, too, as you only need rolls of 35mm film so you can start shooting.

Lomography’s Fisheye One is the world’s first compact 35mm fisheye camera. With a sweeping 170-degree view and slamming colours and contrasts, the Fisheye One will certainly give you great circular shots every time. See it with the rest of our Fisheye cameras here!

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  1. chooolss
    chooolss ·

    Many thanks for sharing these awesome portraits with us @ssam1734 @sjhlfkhsk @fartstorm @legacy @sara_tijeras @daydreams @14mbii @finik @ohzark @yosoytusombra! :)

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