Petzval Alert! Gizmag Reviews the Lomography X Zenit Petzval Art Lens

2014-03-24 1

While we try our best to show you just how the Petzval Art Lens handles, we surely do appreciate feedback from other people who got to try it themselves. Gizmag gives us a piece of their mind about the swirls and quality of the Petzval lens.

Image via Gizmag

As much as promotion for the *Petzval Art Lens* goes, we like bringing you the freshest photos from the community from proud owners and passionate photographers. But for this review of the lens, we’re bringing you Gizmag’s take on the Petzval lens, its quality, and a quick sampling of its swirly portraits.

Images via Gizmag

*Gizmag* just laid it all simply and cleanly, the Petzval Art Lens is indeed a piece of photographic history as well as a unique tool to give photographers a quirky choice for environmental portraits. *Simon Crisp*, the author of the review (that can originally be found *here*) also took note of the solid build of the brass lens.

Sample shots Images via Gizmag

Gizmag got to take the Petzval Art Lens for a spin at The Photography Show in Birmingham, UK. And even at a less ideal place for a test, the Petzval Art Lens indeed carried its own weight with the sample shots. Crisp added that the simple make of the lens made sure that photographers are “forced to slow down and think about what [they] are doing.”

In his own words, Crisp finally ended the review with:

“This lens is by no means suitable for everyone. Pixel-peepers and those people who spend their weekends shooting images of brick walls to test the quality of their lenses should walk away now. But as an environmental portrait lens, for people who want a quirky photographic experience, and to shoot something a bit different, the New Petzval can be great fun. It’s a lens that feels like it shouldn’t exist in 2014, but we’re glad it does.”

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    LSI... now, will you please make it with M42, K, and T-mounts??? You are neglecting the most of the world.

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