Photo Stories: Portraits of Marie and Tim, 1977 by herbert-4

2014-03-23 2

As one of our most seasoned community members, herbert-4’s collection of photos spans over decades of experience in film photography. Many of his albums contain images that we could only dream of capturing, from a time and generation that not many of us had the chance to be part of. Not surprisingly, each photo is entitled to its own story, and herbert-4 shares the story behind this one after the jump.

Credits: herbert-4

“It’s an old photo from 1977 of my sister and her late 1st husband, when she was 8 months pregnant with her 1st boy, I think, for a Christmas card. It’s well composed and and in focus.The tone is sepia by accident. Some of that strip of negatives is oxidized. I noticed the brown and tried scanning it in color. I love this photo.  I think it’s accidental art.  It was shot with the Rolleiflex 3.5f, probably on Kodak Plus X.”

Go back in time with more of herbert-4's photos in this album.

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    loves it!

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    Thanks @jillytanrad

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