Artsy-Looking Snaps Taken with the Revolog Kolor Film

2014-03-21 3

When you’ve already tried all sorts of color and black and white films, we think it’s time for you to step up your game and try experimenting with handmade special effect Revolog films!

It seems like one can never really run out of things to try out when it comes to film photography. Cameras, emulsions, hacks and tricks, DIY tips, photography techniques… the list is endless! We all do love to experiment, and so we’re glad to share with you the news that the Lomography Online Shop now carries the highly popular *Revolog* films for 35mm cameras. In this gallery post, we’re going to show you a handful of sample snapshots taken by our fellow lomographers using the *Revolog Kolor* film! Kolor bathes your photographs in colors like red, blue, orange, green, pink, and turquoise gradients so you’re sure to get a different effect every time. Tip: Underexposure makes the effect more pronounced, while overexposure does otherwise!

Credits: blondielocks, ponzi, tafa, jennson, mephisto19, realrampage, le_ors, cryboy, suizidekid, nural, harrietgreen, georgebaker, roonandbeks & self_titled

In anticipation of Film Photography Day on April 12, Lomography has unveiled its exclusive deals on Revolog Films in the Online Shop. Head on to this article to find out all about it!

Read more about the Revolog films here, and buy your Revolog films from the Shop now!

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