How to Organize a LomoMatrix

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Film Photography Day is fast approaching, and one insanely cool way to join in on the festivities on April 12th is by organizing a LomoMatrix!

What is a LomoMatrix?

As the name suggests, LomoMatrix is a fun event where a group of talented photographers come together and shoot a moment of action using analogue cameras at the same time. The photos are then edited together to give an awesomely stylish Matrix effect. In the video above you’ll see some of the best examples from our fellow lomographers around the world!

Raring to start planning your own LomoMatrix now? Read on to find out how!

Credits: lawypop

What you’ll need

The crew:

  • Actors/subjects of the shoot
  • Photographers of the LomoMatrix and of the event itself
  • Videographers of the event itself

The gear:

  • Standard 35mm film cameras for shooting the LomoMatrix (it’s best to use standard 35mm film cameras, so no panoramic cameras, fisheyes or sprockets, in order to get the perfect uniform look for the final video)
  • Any kind of film camera as well as a video camera for shooting the event itself
  • Fun props to use during the shoots; the more colorful and crazier, the better
  • Loads of film, of course!
Credits: canadas-lomography

What you’ll need to do

To make this guide easy to follow, we’ve divided the process into three categories: before, on the day itself, and after the LomoMatrix.

Before the event:

  • Choose a location where you have a lot of space. A park or a big square where you can sit everyone in a big circle would be perfect.
  • Get some friends to help you with the organization (shooting and filming the event, handing out props, organizing everyone in the group, etc.)
  • Invite your fellow lomographers to join this fun day of analogue shooting!
Credits: canadas-lomography

On the day of the LomoMatrix:

  • Sit everyone in a big circle on your chosen location. Assign everyone a number, and then number the exposed films accordingly so you’ll know later on the correct order of the pictures when you stitch them together for the LomoMatrix video.
  • Have one or two people stand in the middle of the circle and pose in the wildest and craziest stances they can think of. You may also use props to make it more interesting!
  • While the actors do their poses, everyone in the circle now takes a picture at the same time. It’s best if you coordinate on when exactly people should press their shutter buttons so everyone shoots approximately on the same second.
  • Take turns so that everyone gets to be both “actor” and “producer” in your LomoMatrix!
  • As these happen, the LomoMatrix “staff” (a.k.a. your friends helping you out) films and documents the event.
  • When you’re done, number the exposed films according to the assigned places of the participants in the circle. It will then be easier to know in which order to stitch the pictures together for the video.
Credits: lk_rainbow

After the LomoMatrix:

  • Start working on the video as soon as you receive the scanned photos. Include video footage and “behind the scenes” pictures to add that special touch to it. *Here* is a great LomoMatrix video to get you inspired!
  • Make sure to share your final video with your friends, to everyone who helped make it happen, and to the rest of the world!

Easy, right? Oh, and when you’re done with your video, make sure to enter it on the Independent F.P.D. 2014 LomoMatrix Contest in the *Competitions section* for a chance to win the ultimate LomoKino Kit! Head on to this article to find out more about it!

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